Time is one's most valued asset. It is critically important to use sensible time management skills to anything you do, in particular in business, so you can use every single day the best you can and savor life. It got me thinking a lot that I made some phone calls to people who are important to me just to say I love you or sorry for something, and I found myself being super patient with my children because each and every time I looked at them, I recognized that they are growing up so rapidly and that every breath matters.

Starting your own business is exciting for many of being their own boss is enticing. However the real truth is that most people make awful bosses for themselves. Once they find themselves in their newfound 'office', time management, which is one of the most crucial aspects to any business success, goes out the window. The refrigerator and email become your new co-workers and it's easy to 'work' all day without accomlishing anything.

I am guilty of poor time management skills once, but am happy to have ultimately found a mastermind group of online entrepreneurs who are supporting me get focused and apply some good time management strategies. I 'd like to share 5 great time management tips with you now to get you going in the more productive direction ...

1. Never start the day until it's completed on paper.

If you know EXACTLY what you have to do, and it's written down in front of you, you can be considerably more efficient. Don't get distracted or do anything else until the top 3 most significant things are done. It's astounding how effortlessly you can do this if you it's written down and you make it a plan. Then ... you can go enjoy your day knowing you have done something production towards your desired goal.

2. Write a Time Log

Do[censored] ent everything you do and then label it into productive and unsuccessful lists. Study your final results and when you figure out what is working, home in on only on those things. Eliminate the time wasting tasks and go enjoy your day instead.

3. Work During Your Biological Prime Time

For me, that is early morning, when I am sharp and concentrated. For some, it's the middle of the night. Determine what your prime time is, and use it. Then, go ENJOY your day!

4. Avoid Perfectionism

This one was really difficult for me ... and still is. But being profitable and is way more effective than trying to do things flawlessly. Also, no one really cares if you you're perfect and actually, most likely would prefer that you are not. So get out of your own way and just do something that will get you nearer to your end goal, without agonizing what others will think. You are your own hardest critic by far, and I recognize this because I am mine too.

5. Just say NO

Saying no actually opens you up to what's truly important to you. So unless, a thing is going to get you closer to your goal, merely say no.

Use today smartly and enjoy your day!

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